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A picture story or flipchart on the best desin for soil block or adobe construction houses. Still applicable for many countries because of low cost. Small design details make these improved constructions very durable.    Soil Block Foundations? 14 pages, 7.3MB

A flipchart with separte text on water supply from open and protected wells and what to do or not to do for the users of these well. Including Sodis water treatment.       Your Water and Your Health 18 charts 19 pag. plus 10 pages text for trainers for above flipchart , together 5.9 MB.

House Improvement General. Introduction Part 1.  Applicable for high altitude areas such as the Himalayas of Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Tadjikista. 30 pages, version 2012 , 3.1 MB  In this paper a wide variety of simple and low-cost house improvements are described that are feasible for high altitude stone housing in remote areas. In dozens of houses these were installed as demonstration, resulting in their replication in hundreds other houses. Some improvements became a sustainable and economical success by local entrepreneurs.

Marketing House Improvements. A Training Outline on Product Marketing for for Small Entrepreneurs April 2012, 28 pages, 2 MB.  Explanation of some of the marketing strategies and methods that served to promote the house improvements in remote mountain areas.

Bucaramanga, Photo report 1981, on Urban Settlement and Slope Control. 6.5 MB, 21 pg.   Investigation for urban settlement improvement  and development of UASB in Colombia 1981

Manizales, Photo report 1981, on Urban Settlement and Slope Control and Bamboo Housing, 6.6 MB, 23 pages. illustrated. including photos by CRAMSA.  Investigation for urban settlement improvement  and development Bamboo housing.

The Use of Bamboo and Reeds in Building Construction. ST/SOA/113. United Nations report from UNESCO library.  Scanned copy: 20.8 MB, 90 pages, illustrated.

Advise on school building design and  their efficiency with UNESCO in Senegal (1972), several West African countries (1974/5).  and Mozambique (2010-2011).

In Honduras (1980/81 - INVA) I was involved in the development of the first Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets and applied the first prototypes on rural settlement housing projects.

Low-Income settlement improvements with the UNCHS-Habitat / DANIDA were realised in Zambia, Kenya and Bolivia (1985-1989). A series of documents on Community Participation for Settlement Improvement, communication and training of government staff.  

Zambia Settlement Improvement with UNCHS 1991, under the Ministry of Decentralization. CTA, development of picture training modules and flipcharts.

Tsunami reconstruction projects Sri Lanka, Indonesie

Some of the projects I worked on, or in, which received  honorary awards:

The 1980 Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the Nianing school building project in Senegal (UNESCO-1978) a few years after constructing the prototype and technology testing.  The design project was developed on the basis of the following paper:

Short Span Design by arq. Pierre Bussat & Jørgen Sønderberg (1973). 4MB

Other referenceon the same project:  Aga Khan Award for Architecture

The 2005 Alcan Award for sustainable development projects (BACIP + WASEP) Pakistan.

The 2010 Ashwan Award for Sustainable Energy 2011 in high mountain housing: for the AKPBSP-BACIP thermal insulation and firewood saving programme.

The 2006 World Habitat Award for the same BACIP-WASEP programme.

The Aga Khan Planning and Building Service Pakistan (AKPBSP) received recognition for the Building And Construction Improvement Program (BACIP) and wins the EU Energy Globe Award 2009.

The Biogas Support Programme (BSP), Nepal with Ashden Award 2005 on renewable energy and savings.

The Centre for Rural Technology (CRT) Nepal with Ashden Award 2007 on sustainable energy, see also


Short span design school building in Senegal
Agricultural training school