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Improved Cooking Stove, saving 50% energy with a metal ICS. Examples from Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Technical Working Paper #10 Sjoerd Nienhuys. April 2012 4.2MB, 30 pages

Publication in Boiling Point 2009, issue 57, English version.
Pressure Cooking Training.  Example of energy saving cooking method using the pressure cooker in combination with the Heat Retention Box saves over 75% of energy (and costs). 4 pages, 0.5 MB.

Publication in Boiling Point 2009, issue 57, Chinese version.
Pressure Cooking Training.  Example of energy saving cooking method using the pressure cooker in combination with the Heat Retention Box saves over 75% of energy (and costs). 4 pages, 0.5 MB.

ICS base for households with metal burning chamber 11 x 11 cm for households and local manufacturing using 1.2 mm metal sheets and GI 0.7 mm sheet container filled with sinters. ICS-Tezpaz standard household CAD drawing, 0.4MB

Larger ICS base with metal burning chamber 14 x 14 cm for restaurant and commercial cooking and local manufacturing with metal sheet and GI 0.7 mm container, filled with sinters  ICS-TEZPAZ large for restaurants CAD drawing 0.4 MB

ICS pot support for small wok with pot shield and chimney from metal sheet for local manufacturing:  ICS-wok small for households CAD drawing, 0.4 MB

ICS pot support for large restaurant wok with potshield and chimney from metal sheet for local manufacturing: ICS-WOK large for restaurants CAD drawing 0.4 MB

ICS based bread baking oven for two round breads. Bread oven can also be placed in chimney of house heating stove. When the outside cover is removed it serves as a good heat exchanger on the house stove. ICS Bread oven and heat exchanger, CAD drawing, 0.4 MB

Since my first ICS project in Honduras (1980 Esufa Lorena) I was involved in the research and development of several stovesSee also the bioenergy list, HEDON and PCIA networks.

Sjoerd Nienhuys. Cooking Stoves in Afghanistan Badakshan. 450 KB, 4 pages. February 2009. A brief outline of issues related to space heating, cooking stoves and bread making in Afghanistan Himalayas border region with Tajikistan.  Especially the half open floor pits have a very low energy efficiency and waste a lot of firewood.

Sjoerd Nienhuys. January 2010. Cameroun, Clay Soil Wood Cooking Stoves ICS, 2.9MB, 25 pages. A proposal for the development of ICS in rural area.

Sjoerd Nienhuys. August 2010 MOP-ICS. Metal One Pot - Improved Cooking Stove which was developped to resolve some of the minor problems related to the basic "Rocket Stove". see also  4 MB. 37 pages

Sjoerd Nienhuys. 2005. Sri Lanka, TOP-ICS.  Terracotta One Pot - Improved Cooking Stove which was developed post tsunami disaster for permanent houses: 2.66MB, 18 pages.  

Sjoerd Nienhuys. 2002.  An analysis of metal stoves in the Dolpa mountain region of Nepal:  1.3MB, 18 pages. project realised in coordination with STARIC, Nepal, who field tested the design.

Installation of Improved Metal Cooking Stoves in the Khumbu region. Field Visit Report (#1 of 3).   STARICN, Sustainable Technology Adaptive Research and Implementation Center, edited Sjoerd Nienhuys. SNV-Nepal Jan. 2005.   0.5MB. 8 pages    .

Sjoerd Nienhuys 2004/09 Cooking Energy and Curriculum Design for Schools. Potato cooking as science education.  Excel table. Explaining the effect of different cooking methods on energy consumption. 1.2MB. 14 pages. 

Sjoerd Nienhuys. 2003. The Beehive Charcoal Briquette Stove.  Explanation on manufacturing of charcoal briquettes and the stove building as realised in Nepal. 1.7MB, 21 pages


Firewood is in many countries the main source for cooking and space heating.
Firewood harvesting leads to large scale deforestation, erosion and poverty.
This stack of firewood in Nepal is used each season for cooking and heating.
ICS consume less than half of this amount and reduce Indoor Air Pollution (IAP)


Sjoerd Nienhuys. 2012. How to make a Heat Retention Box (HRB) for two pots, saving > 50% cooking fuel. Technical Working Paper #21, with design drawing in annexe, 20 pages, 4.2 MB,

House space heating and cooking oven with bread baking oven. Currently being produced in Tajikistan. Eventual water heating pipe or chimney smoke water heater. Can be used for firewood and with a basket for coal. Summer cooking insulation. The design was developed in 2010 as a small improveet on existing stoves. The drawing was made in the context of a GIZ project. Additionally in the feeding size a small air duct can be placed inside from the ashtray to the upperpart for secundary air.  Increased heat exchange is by means of a chinney heat echanger that also doubles as bread baking oven.House Oven-VULKAN, 0.6 MB

Sjoerd Nienhuys. 2009. Pressure Cooker Training. 80% energy is saved by using the combination of a pressure cooker and heat retention box in Tajikistan, altitude 1500m. Also staff training in Pakistan. Document size 6 pages. 1.2MB. Also published at:

Sjoerd Nienhuys. 2000. Stoves Research Report on BACIP Woodstoves for High Mountain Areas, Pakistan. An analysis of different designs and development options, including the succesful water heater application. Document size  6.2MB, 37 pages.

For general information on ICS:

The HEDON Household Energy Network website:

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) website:

The effect of smoke in the kitchen or house is well documented:

The WHO report on IAP is related to the work I realised in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.


Research on stove improvement required on-site analysis of cooking behaviour in traditional houses in Pakistan Himalayas, 2002.
Stoves were used for cooking and space heating. New smokeless cooking/heating and warm water stoves saved over 50% of firewood.