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NEW updated paper 2018:

Small PV Power Station in a Hot Climate Zone. December 2018, 7,8 MB. 61 Pages. Analysis and Design Parameters for a Small PV Station for Karak in Pakistan.

Different cooling systems for the battery room and design options. Different structural and technical options are reviewed to reduce the heat load on the building and provide cooling to < 25 Celsius. Evaporative Desert Cooling (EDC), Air Conditioning (A/C) and geothermal cooling. Shading, solar angles, orientation of PV panels.  Thermal insulation and heat/cold storage capacity. Electric Energy Storage (EES) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). Short explanations of the various battery systems and Pumped Hydro-electric Energy Storage (PHES). 

RENEWABLE ENERGY. In Senegal, Mali, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Pakistan, The Netherlands, Nepal, Pakistan, Phillipinas and Honduras, 

Solar Water Heaters (SWH) in high altitude areas and the SWH branch development. The report gives a number of possible improvements for the mountain areas. 2.2MB, 31 pages.

Journey of the fly poster. 1 MB.   Showing two sites, one clean and one dirty. Keeping a village clean requires that all villagers work together. The same applies to other environmental issues such as sewerage disposal, firewood collection, grazing, water management and thermal insulation.

For larger format of the same poster, 7.3 MB.  Developed with UNCHS, Nairobi.

Development of a poster for community participation in settlement upgrading  and related to sanitation Journey of the Fly text 1.2MB, (3 pages)

BIOGAS. Project under development in Tamil Nadu, India where ecosanitation (urine separation) is linked to biogas installation, also processing kitchen waste. Urine is used in diluted form as fertilizer for banana plantations. The biogas is used at the nearby school for cooking lunches and the purified effluent is used for tree plantations.

University (ITT)  is developing the urine bank project and the production of Struvite cristals as dry fertilizer.

Temporary toilet based on the Arborloo with UDT option. Suitable for local series manufacturing. Can be used for temporary events, agricultural fields and building construction sites. Temploo-UDT (September 2012) 0.33 MB, 5 pages.

Technical Working Paper #13: Urine Diverstion Toilet, Urine Diversion Dry (Dehydration) Toilet in Himalayan Conditions. (November 2012) 4.2 MB,  53 pages. (UDDT), Ecological Sustainale Sanitation.                 

Abstract. Practical examples of ecosan urine diversion toilet systems for Himalayan and similar high altitude conditions with long frost periods above 1500 m (5,000 ft). Reasons and benefits for ecosan-biogas linked urine diversion toilet (UDT) and urine diversion dry (dehydration) toilet (UDDT) systems. Basic elements required for good operation of the UDT and UDDT. Variations in the design of the base structure housing the composting chambers (vaults), biogas and urine diversion. Design of UDDT pan. Insulating plasterwork. Progressive building. Building in the winter. Possible design options for the upper structure and thermal insulated bathroom walls. Poster support material in awareness development. Handling and annual use of the compost. Urine collection, filtering, dilution, Struvite production and plant fertilization.

In Nepal, in the AnnaPurna Nature Conservation Area and the Jomson valley, the performance of Solar Water Heaters was analysed and recommendations provided about their design and improved performance.

Brief analysis of the major problems of housing in high altituted areas such as the Himalayas of Pakistan, Nepal, India-Sikkim, Buthan, Tibet, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.  Applicable to all remote mountain areas and explaining basic technical solutions and limitations.

The series of PopwerPoint presentations will be expanded with specific information on all subjects mentioned.

Powerpoint Presentation about House Improvements in Himalayan Countries.

General, Introduction, Part 1.  29 pages, 3.14 MB  with selected photo's   Text for above file in separate file 107 KB.

Technical Working Paper 20a. How to make a Thin Heat Retention Bag (45 x 60 cm). Flat design with reflective foils.  12 pages,  1MB.


Nepal-Phortse in the Himalayas. A Photo Voltaic element is beeing offered to villagers. The element is Chinese manufacture and comes with a battery box and CFL.