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Here are a number of English and Spanish documents posted, that are related to earthquake and tsunami reconstruction and seismic construction technology.

1976, Ecuador,  Guía Popular de Construcción Sismo Resistente,  INEN, Instituto Nacional Ecuatoriano de  Normalización, Diciembre 1976,  84 pag.  illustrado,  4 MB. Simplified advice on house design based on the ACI-318-71  ecuadorian code version earthquake resistant design, construction method, reinforced concrete, masonry.

1977, Ecuador, Guía de Practica, INEN, Mampostería Reforzada. Ing. Sjoerd Nienhuys  y Ing. Carlos Naranjo, Marzo 1978. 55 pag. Illustrado, 23 MB. Espagnol .  Explanation of earthquake resistant building code.

1983. Yemen Arab Republic,  Dhamar Aided Self-Help Reconstruction Project.  Post 1982 Earthquake Reconstruction: Building Technique.  March 1984,  10 pgs, 2,64 MB  

1984 YAR. Dhamar Aided Self-Help Reconstruction Project . Building Techniques. Final report no 5.  59 pages illustrated,  14.2 MB   Overview of seismic resistant construction method for dressed stone architecture and  in a mountainous area. 

1984, YAR, Dhamar Aided Self-Help Reconstruction Project. Post 1982 Earthquake Reconstruction: Site selection.  16 pages illustrated. 4,56 MB   april 1984, 

1985 YAR Dhamar Aided Self-Help Reconstruction Project. Foreman Manual 1. Foundations. 38 pages. Illustrated-animated English-Arabic.  6.66 MB

1985 YAR. Dhamar Aided Self-Help Reconstruction Project. Foreman Manual part 2.  Wall construction. 33 pages, illustrated-animated,  English-Arabic, 6,61 MB  

1985 YAR. Dhamar Aided Self-Help Reconstruction Project. Foreman Manual part 3. Rooflevel . 28 pages illustrated-animated. English-Arabic text.  6.81 MB.  

1985 YAR. Dhamar Aided Self-Help Reconstruction Project. Foreman Manual part 4. Completion.  24 pages.  illustrated-animated.  English-Arabic  text.  6,15 MB 

Options for Reconstruction and Retrofitting of Historic Pagoda Temples (Example of the Narayan Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square) 2003, 39 pages, illustrated, 3,2 MB.

General Rules for Seismic Strengthening of Buildings.   Illustrated with traffic sign principles Red for NOT GOOD and Blue for GOOD.  2007,  22 pages.  5,2 MB.

2007. Technical Advice Reinforced Concrete Tsunami House Reconstruction Aceh ~ Indonesia , by Sjoerd Nienhuys . 31 pages, illustrated, 4,2 MB. 

FIELD VISIT HABITAT RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (HRMP), Pakistan, November 2008 by Sjoerd Nienhuys, Agha Khan Building and Construction Programme.   16 pages illustrated,  1,6 MB .

2010, Pakistan.  GALVANISED WIRE REINFORCEMENT (GWR) TECHNOLOGY Earthquake Reinforcement for Non-Engineered Stone and Earth Constructions when Reinforced Concrete is NOT an Option, by Sjoerd Nienhuys, 36 p. illustrated, 4,3 MB.

 2012. EARTHQUAKE RETROFITTING NON-ENGINEERED LOW-RISE BUILDINGS Including Non-Engineered Retrofitting of Traditional Pamiri Houses in Pakistan and Tajikistan Technical Working Paper Number 12 , 51 pages, illustrated, 5.2 MB  . 

2015. Evidence On Demand. Seismic Building Codes, Global and Regional Overview. Comparison of earthquake codes and their implementation.  illustrated, tables, 42 pages, 1,31 MB by Sjoerd Nienhuys, Practical Action UK.  15 november 2015

Seismic Building Codes in the Himalaya Region Questions & Answers Related to the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, 33 pages illustrated, May 2016, 3,3 MB.

Documenten gerelateerd aan   2006-2007 Tsunami reconstructieprogramma in Sri Lanka en Indonesië dat ik voor Trocaire  in samenwerking met Caritas heb uitgevoerd. 
Selected Technical Advice  Tsunami House Reconstruction  Aceh ~ Indonesia.  By Sjoerd Nienhuys, Shelter Advisor, Trócaire (Ireland). April 2007.  49 pages illustrated, 4,35 MB

 Aceh Peoples Forum (APF). Permanent House Design. Banda Aceh.  By Sjoerd Nienhuys, Shelter Advisor, Trócaire (Ireland) March 2007 . 14 pages illustrated, 1.05 MB


Project Site Visits ~ Aceh. Villages of Babah Nghom,  Meudang Ghon and Jambo Masi.  By Sjoerd Shelter Advisor, Trócaire (Ireland). March 2007. 24 pages illustrated, 1.85 MB

“Building Back Better” or Safer? Lessons Learned,  Aceh Review By Sjoerd Nienhuys, Shelter Advisor, Trócaire (Ireland). March 2007. 19 pages illusrated, 1.18 MB.

CORDIA MEDAN Project Site Visits ~ Aceh Leprosy Communities at Trienggadeng and Po Diamat Villages. By Sjoerd Nienhys Shelter Advisor, Trócaire (Ireland) March 2007


Caritas Sibolga Sirombu Site Visit ~ Nias Island Earthquake Reconstruction.  By Sjoerd Nienhuys, Shelter Advisor (Trócaire, Ireland) March 2007. 20 pag. illustrated, 1.56 MB