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ier staan documenten die te maken hebben met housing of shelter development zoals: community participation, education, design, sanitation, biogas development and solar energy.

Flexible short-span construction  for low-cost educational buildings. Prototype development for schooldesign. Proposals for hot-arid climate. 1973, UNESCO.   Structure flexible de portee courte pour batiments educatifs economiques Application aux régions chaudes et arides.   Pierre Bussat FAS/SU et al.  4,02 MB,  86 pages, illustrated English-French.  UNEDBAS-UNESCO. Training document.

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 1980.  Architectural Record  november 1980,  article 7 pages, illustrated 5,0 MB.   Kamal El Jack, Pierre Bussat, Oswald Dellicour, Sjoerd Nienhuys, Christoporus Posma, Paul de Walick, mason D'Lallo. 

SUN PROTECTION SOLAR.  Design and dimensioning of sun shading structures for school buildings in the Arab countries.  English-French-Arab language illustrated. From 4 to 36 degrees North for both 22 June and 22 December. 154 pages B&W,  7,13 MB.   ASCATEP  1972   By Pierre Bussat et al  

Vers une meilleure utilisation des ressources locales en construction. Centre de formation agricole a Nianning, 1978, UNESCO,  160 pages illustree , 10,7 MB. French language training document based on the above two papers.

The A-Frame School Chair.   Ergonomic design in different heights for primary schools. Manufacturing in series and  small package transport.  Self assembly on site with only a screwdriver. Manual for manufacturing. 12 pages, 1,68 MB  October 2013 

UNCHS/DANIDA community participation training programme for 1985-1990, Kenya, Zambia, Bolivia and Sri-Lanka.  Development and implementation of  > 20 training modules, from very simple for low-literacy to more advanced levels. 

The more complex:  Project Support Communications (three) Documents is shown here.   68 pages, 3,72 MB . 1985-1990. These documents were financed with public money from DANIDA and UNHCS, but are not freely available to the public.


SOIL BLOCK FOUNDATIONS? A basic guide on building techniques with soil blocks. Zambia settlement improvement programme, April 1991. By Sjoerd Nienhuys, chief technical advisor UNHCS for Ministry of Decentralization, 14 pages B&W, only illustrations, low-literacy manual, 7,39 MB.

High Altitude Biogas Reactor.  Construction options for the Nepal Biogas Support Programme . SNV field mission report May 2003. 19 pages illustrated 1 MB.  by Sjoerd Nienhuys, senior renewable energy advisor .

The Beehive Charcoal Briquette Stove in the Khumbu Region, Nepal.  2003 By Sjoerd Nienhuys, senior renewable energy advisor to SNV,  22 pages, illustrated, 763 kB.

Ashden Award 2005 for sustainable energy. Nepal Biogas Support Program (BSP). Sjoerd Nienhuys renewable energy advisor to SNV program. 4 p. factsheet. 1,08 MB Detailed program /project description by Sundar Baigain 75 pages, 3,72 MB 

Pakistani project receives EU Energy Award, press release 14 April 2009.  Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, Pakistan.  BACIP, Building and Construction Improvement Programme project director Sjoerd Nienhuys.  4 pages.  260 kB.

Design of Primary School Buildings for Remote Mountain Areas Design for Off-Road Construction in Remote Mountain Areas of the Northern Areas of Pakistan.  45 pages, illustrated. 6,0 MB.  By Sjoerd Nienhuys 2008.  Seismic. Thermal insulation.

Client Focussed Product Development. A guide on business development by Sjoerd Nienhuys, September 2011. 29 pages illustrated, 2,23 MB. Low-cost housing.

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service in Pakistan Receives World Habitat Award 2006 for its efforts to improve housing conditions in Pakistan through its Building and Construction Improvement Programme (BACIP). Director Sjoerd Nienhuys.

MARKETING OF HOUSE IMPROVEMENTS.  A Training Outline on Product Marketing for Small Entrepreneurs .  Low-cost housing. BACIP programme. By Sjoerd Nienhuys 2012, 28 pages illustrated. 1.92 MB

Manual on Entrepreneur "Host" Training Visits.  Low-Cost housing programme  by Project Director Sjoerd Nienhuys,  November 2012, 26 pages illustrated. 550 kB. 

CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Framework for Vocational Training Modules. By Sjoerd Nienhuys, technical training expert, October 2011. 17 pages, illus, 760 kB.  

Research Report on the ROOF-HATCH WINDOW.  By Qayum Ali Shah Manager Field Operations.  Edited by Sjoerd Nienhuys, May 2000 Programme Director, BACIP,  Building and Construction Improvement Programme, 20 pages illustrated, 1,33 MB

Urine Diversion Toilet (UDT) and  UDDT.  Ecological Sustainable Sanitation in Himalayan Conditions.  Technical Working Paper ~ Number 13.  By Sjoerd Nienhuys, member World Toilet Organisation, August 2012, 49 pages. 3,78 MB

THIN BAMBOO CULMS FOR TRUSSES. Use of Two and Three Culms in Composite Beams. By Sjoerd Nienhuys, renewable energy advisor, October 2012, Mozambique project of the Aga Khan.  19 pages illustrated, 1,68 MB